GST-PAK-CRIB on beadsSKU: P-276

General description: 

Recombinant protein purified from E. coli, consisting of GST fused to the  Cdc42 (p21) binding domain (CRIB) of the human p21 activated kinase 1 protein (PAK).

GST-PAK-CRIB binds specifically to GTP-bound (but not GDP-bound) Cdc42 small GTPase. It can be used to specifically precipitate active, GTP-bound Cdc42 from cell lysates.

GST-PAK-CRIB contains residues 67-150 of PAK. This region includes the highly conserved CRIB motif plus sequences required for the high affinity interaction with GTP-Cdc42.

The protein is shipped in a glutathione agarose-bound form (non-covalently bound, 10% slurry, 50% glycerol).

Recommended use: 100 µl of PAK-CRIB beads per sample.

About the scientist

Jorrit Enserink


The Enserink group is located at Oslo University hospital. The group is interested in mechanisms that maintain cellular homeostasis. during various types of stress, particularly nutrient stress. The group mainly uses the model organism budding yeast. A second line of research is focused on development of novel treatment schemes for leukemia. These studies involve high-throughput drug screens followed by in-depth analyses to identify molecular mechanisms that mediate drug effects.