General description: 

This is a mammalian expression plasmid encoding a well-established bioprobe for the phosphoinositide, phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate (PI3P). The encoded protein, EGFP-2xFYVE, is a fusion between enhanced green fluorescent protein and a tandem FYVE domain from the mouse Hrs protein. The plasmid carries a Kanamycin resistance marker.


About the scientist

Harald Stenmark

Professor, Head of Department

The topic of our research is cancer-relevant cell biology with special emphasis on cellular membrane dynamics, including endocytosis, autophagy, cell migration, cell division and formation of cellular protrusions. Through our molecular biological work we sometimes make reagents that may be useful to others, including plasmid constructs, recombinant lentiviruses, antibodies, and stable cell lines.