HLA-DR (special epitope), Clone AB4SKU: P-337

General description: 

HLA-DR (special epitope, monoclonal; clone name: AB4; Ab Isotope: IgM; Applications tested: flow cytometry. 

HLA-DR  antibody clone AB4 was developed by immunizing BALB/c mice with B cell lysate from a patient with B cell lymphoma, and subsequent generation of hybridoma cells.

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About the scientist

June Helen Myklebust

co-PI, Senior scientist, PhD

The main focus of our research is to study B-cell lymphoma biology, and we perform molecular characterization as well as functional studies. Lymphomas are cancers derived from the cells of the immune system, and most often they arise from B-cells in the lymph nodes. By the means of high throughput analysis of gene expression and genomic and epigenetic alterations in lymphoma samples, we aim to elucidate oncogenetic mechanisms in lymphoma development. We also aim to identify prognostic markers and characterize biologically different subgroups of lymphoma.

We have a strong translational focus with a close collaboration with the lymphoma program in the Hospital and an extensive international collaboration. Several projects are connected to ongoing clinical trials, and we analyze primary patient samples using a broad spectrum of methods.

Selected lymphoma-specific genetic aberrations are followed up by basic cell biology research, using B cell lymphoma cell lines as models. Central techniques include studies of signalling pathways by Western blot analysis and multicolour flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, tissue micro array (TMA), array copy number genetic changes (aCGH), and gene expression profiling.  

Group leader: Erlend Bremertun Smeland, PI, MD/PhD