Vitamin A Luciferase reporter miceSKU: P-107

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Transgenic reporter mice were generated by pronucleus injection. The transgene contains three copies of retinoic acid response element (RARE) derived from the RAR-b2 promoter attached to the luciferase firefly. In addition the transgene is flanked with Insulator elements to reduce transcriptional influence from the genome. Mice are heterozygous for the transgene and backcrossed for more than six generations from founder strain (B6CBA) to C57BL/6. Luciferase activity reflects activation of the RARE via vitamin A metabolites, and can be monitored by in vivo imaging, ex vivo imaging and biochemically in tissue homogenates. The reporter model is in general used to gain understanding in Vitamin A signalling.

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Harald Carlsen


My principal research interest is to understand how nutrition can affect health. I employ animal models to elucidate how plant nutrients can affect gene expression, oxidative stress parameters and gut barrier function. Focus is to understand how nutrition affects gut through regulating microbiota and epitethelium of the gut. Ultimately our goal is investigate to what extent gut health influence diseases through dietary intervention studies.