Agreement Concerning Materials Registered

This agreement (Agreement) is effective from the day of registration (Effective Date) and made by and between Inven2 AS, org. no. 995 495 899, a company duly incorporated and existing under the laws of Norway whose registered office is at Gaustadalléen 21, P.O. Box 1061 Blindern, N-0316 OSLO, Norway (Inven2), on behalf of the University of Oslo (UiO) and/or Oslo University Hospital (OUS); and Registrant and/or any other Inventors related to the Materials, the Materials was made by Registrant and/or Inventors in the course of their engagement as employees at UiO and/or OUS, and in connection with work at and for UiO and/or OUS. NOW THEREFORE, it has been agreed as follows:

1) The Registrant and/or Inventors and UiO and/or OUS hereby agree that the right to the Materials and any and all related IPR, any improvements in or modifications thereof, any know-how relating thereto together with all rights and interest in the same and all rights and powers to make applications for patent or other intellectual property protection in the name of UiO or OUS, or in the name of its nominee, in Norway, the EU, USA and in any other country of the world in respect of the Materials or improvements in or modifications thereof, belong to UiO or OUS.

2) The Registrant and/or Inventors agree to permit and enable Inven2 to apply for, and will take all reasonable steps to assist Inven2 or its nominee in obtaining the grant of patent or like protection in respect of the Materials herein assigned in any territory as may be requested by Inven2.

3) The Registrant and/or Inventors further agrees to, at the request and cost of Inven2, execute and do all such documents, acts and things as may be necessary for vesting any relevant IPR in Inven2 or its nominee.

4) The Registrant and/or Inventors will fully inform Inven2 if the Materials registered have any other obligations attached to it, e.g. goverened by a in-bound MTA or already licensed exclusively or the like

5) The Registrant and/or Inventors agree not publish a yet un-published Materials unless Inven2 has been informed in writing. Manuscripts for publication or other disclosure shall be provided Inven2 at least 30 days before submittance or disclosure in order for Inven2 to seek patent protection.

6) The Registrant and/or Inventors fully agree that the income generated from sale or license of the Materials shall follow UiO/OUS policy regarding income sharing between Inven2, institutions and Registrant and/or Inventors.